Guiding you to fiercely connect with your confidence, strength and radiance.
Have a deeper sense of comfort, security and relaxation in your relationships. 

How May I Help You?

Your Soul’s Agenda

You came into being with a purpose – an intention to experience, learn, enjoy, feel, choose and participate in specific ways. Explore your personal and unique Soul blueprint and come into deep understanding of your Sacred Contract with the Universe.

Making Inner Peace

Healing old traumas, patterns and beliefs frees you to be, do and have from a new place of choice. Make peace with those inner distractions and demons. Learn how to engage with your challenges such that they become powerful stepping stones to your goals.

Step Into Action

Own your strengths and brilliant gifts with a deep acceptance of your worth and value. Move forward with certainty and quiet confidence, knowing your contribution matters. Live your life in resonance with your true purpose and heart’s desires.


Are you looking for your perfect match, a good friend, renewed family bonds? Discover your unique gateway to experience enjoyable happy heartfelt nurturing connections.

Worth & Value

What’s your gig … entrepreneur or employee, caregiver or mom, or something else? You are an inherently beautiful and valuable being with deep worth and purpose. 


Do you feel compelled to do or be in some way that you can’t pinpoint? Do you feel an emptiness that needs filling? …and with what? Find out what is meaningful to you.

Pia Darling

Empowering Life & Career Relationships Coach

Pia’s work focuses on guiding her clients to courageously open to their innate talent and power, fully embodying and thriving in their truth.

As a highly intuitive empath, skilled facilitator, energy worker and certified hypnotherapist and hand analyst, Pia guides you to tap your natural internal source of certainty and nourishment, leading you to more profound self-acceptance.  Explore your deep realms, wend your way through subconscious patternings and blossom into your authentic and aligned presence.  Deep lasting change is available here.

Pia cares deeply about family, humankind, animals, our Earth and spirituality. She is compelled to share her gifts of healing, emotional integration, energetics and hand analysis to help you reach your true purpose and embody your highest self. more…

Work With Me

You have an inner light that yearns to RADIATE and SHINE!


Welcome! I’m thrilled you’re here. The right fit in a coaching relationship feeds the transformation. Let’s meet over Zoom and find out if we click. Share with me where in your life you’d like to feel more accomplished – maybe in relationships, business, being more visible or dealing with difficult emotions or self confidence. Maybe it’s something you can’t quite put your finger on, yet you know it’s time to shift. My deeply healing and restorative inner journey work supports you to find your way back HOME inside and thrive in your skin.

It’s right here. A bit of guidance to heal and unblock, align and allow yourself to BE yourself may be all it takes to BE the best and most vivacious version of YOU. Let’s connect on a complimentary Zoom to discuss.

What’s happening in your world?

Yearning to be more of yourself?

Unclear about what your next steps might be?

Desiring authentic, comfortable, secure connections?

Feeling like you should be doing … something … differently?

Sounds like you are looking for a Fierce Breakthrough!

BE a Brighter, Bolder, more Empowered YOU

 Let’s Unleash Your FIERCE


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