My Introduction

PIA’S WORK FOCUSES ON supporting clients in courageously opening to their innate talent and power, fully embodying and thriving in their truth.

AS A HIGHLY INTUITIVE EMPATH, skilled facilitator, energy worker and certified hypnotherapist and hand analyst, Pia guides you to tap your natural internal source of certainty and nourishment, leading you to more profound self-acceptance.  Explore your deep realms, wend your way through subconscious patternings and blossom into your authentic and aligned presence.  Deep lasting change is available here.

PIA HAS ALWAYS CARED DEEPLY about family, humankind, animals, our Earth and spirituality. She is compelled to share her gifts of healing, emotional integration, energetics and hand analysis to help you reach your true purpose and embody your highest self.

PIA HOLDS CERTIFICATIONS IN hypnotherapy, holistic health counseling, Core Awakening Journey, and Hand Analysis ~ the very same modalities she used to bring herself and others into wholeness, strength and radiance.

My Deep Coaching Work

MY NURTURING AND RESTORATIVE INNER GROWTH journey provides the healing and empowerment to experience a higher level of meaning and satisfaction in your life and your business.

MY GREATEST JOY AND DELIGHT is to guide you into connection with your inner source of power and confidence, and align with your unique design.

BREAK THROUGH BLOCKS THAT HAVE KEPT YOU from engaging at a higher level and accomplishing your wildest dreams. Explore your personal pathway to the Soul-aligned force already within you. Experience relief from your inhibitions, freedom from self judgement and positive forward movement in the areas you most desire.

AS SUCCESSFUL AS YOU ALREADY ARE, you may have a sense that there is more fulfillment to be had and perhaps wondering how to get there. Grow your success with grace and ease.

I ARTFULLY MENTOR MY CLIENTS to heal old patterns and traumas that hold them back, invigorate the passion that drives their purpose and land in their heart-centered empowered brilliance.

DEEP LASTING CHANGE AND BRILLIANT accomplishment is available to you here.

My Hand Analysis Work

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY your life is the way it is?  Have you tried to do things differently, only to NOT  get the results you were expecting?  Did you ever wish upon a star for the way to a happier life?

WELL, LOOK NO FURTHER THAN YOUR HANDS!  I’m thrilled to reveal that your hands are your personalized owner’s manual and I’m here to translate for you.  The information in your hands provides a mapping, that when followed, opens you up to a pathway to deeper fulfillment in alignment with your SOUL.

DISCOVER THE SECRET MAPPING YOUR HANDS REVEAL  about how to travel your life path and engage with the challenges you are facing. There is a specific and unique design about you. Your challenges, when understood in the context of your design, are the key to unleashing your next level of skill, power, wholeness and engagement in your life ~ relationships, career, spirituality.

HAND ANALYSIS IS BASED ON extensive practical research and pattern recognition, coupled with a deep understanding of the emotional realm.  Align your present, your here and now, with your Soul’s Agenda.  Open the portal to a profound experience of YOU.

My Corporate Women’s Work

A WOMAN’S GREATEST POWER IS HER FEMININE ENERGY. Learn how to embody and value the feminine.

DURING MY THREE DECADES in corporate on Wall St and Silicone Valley, I watched women twist out of shape to adapt, fight to succeed or react when not acknowledged or treated unfairly, losing themselves in the process. 

NOT ONLY DID I SEE OTHERS go through this, I myself struggled in this way until I journeyed deep into the patterns that have us succumb to embodying the masculine energy for survival’s sake. There is a better way.

FIND YOUR TRUE SOURCE OF EMPOWERMENT. Be acknowledged and appreciated for your contributions when you discover the authenticity and freedom of being YOURSELF.

My Pet Psychic & Mediumship Work

LONG AGO, I HEARD THE SWEETEST ANGELIC VOICE saying my name.  It pulled me from a deep sleep as I napped on the couch. Opening my eyes I found my two scotties — faces intently gazing at me, round-eyed, with ears flat back and tails wagging telling me they needed to go out and pee.

EVER WONDER WHAT YOUR FURRY FRIEND IS THINKING  behind that cocked head and long stare?  Or what is at the source of that questionable behavior?  Or how your deceased pet is doing?

I’LL HELP YOU HEAR WHAT YOUR PET IS WANTING TO TELL YOU  and deliver YOUR  message to them in a way that they can understand.

LET’S GET THE COMMUNICATION LINES MOVING.  Schedule your session right now.  Once I receive your scheduling and payment, I’ll email you with confirmation and Zoom video conference info.  The email will also have instructions on sending me a picture of your Sweetie. I’ll do a preliminary connection with your pet before the session.

My Favorite Quote

It is only with the heart
   that one sees rightly
… what is essential
   is invisible to the eye.

~ The LIttle Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Contact Me

Feel free to reach out with questions or registration requests.

I’m looking forward
to connecting
with you!

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