Get Motivated to Relieve Stress

Are you Stressed?

Is your zest stressed? Has your drive taken a dive? Are you stuck or spinning? Our lives never seem to slow down.  It can be a struggle to stay motivated. The toll it takes on our stress levels is real.  

So here you are meeting deadlines, managing relationships, or handling unexpected challenges.  Even though you intend on taking an enlightened approach, you end up procrastinating on dealing with your procrastination or in a mental maze of decision making. And now, those once-crystal-clear goals are fading into the background. If you only had a secret remedy that would manifest your clear, confident, capable self!

The Effects of Stress

Over time, persistent stress takes a toll on our mental, emotional and physical well-being. A powerful tool in the quest to relieve stress is MOTIVATION.

As a a potent stress-relieving mechanism, Motivation is a force that not only elevates us to set and achieve goals, it also plays a crucial role in stress management. Our mindset shifts from a passive state to an active, aspiring one when we are motivated. Our body chemistry shifts and a sense of purpose and possibility arises.  Generating motivation can create a positive feedback loop that reduces stress and encourages a healthier mental state and uplifted emotional experience.

Did you notice I used the phrase ‘generating motivation’? Yes, it is an experience we can intentionally invoke or create.

Lack of motivation can significantly contribute to stress. When you find yourself lacking the drive to pursue your goals or face challenges, feelings of stagnation and frustration may take root. Procrastination and feelings of overwhelm give way to amplified stress levels. Then you try to do more, more, more – probably without the best results. Now you might be feeling some degree of depression, hopeless. The sense of oppression that comes from this level of stress can be disorienting and even crippling. Where do you turn for help? How do you get a leg up outta here?

How stressful it is to be caught in this cycle!  Struggling to escape may turn into a quicksand experience, sinking deeper under the pressure of the demands, so then not being available to deal with the demands themselves. How do you find traction to get free?

Latin Motivation

Let’s delve into etymology.  The Latin word for Motivation is MÓVERE which means MOVE.  Physical movement stimulates circulation and energy, which in turn heightens our awareness, mental response and poise. Have you noticed after an intense workout how the world looks a bit crisper and sharper, like looking through freshly cleaned glasses after having used them full of smudges. Physical movement will do that.

One of the building blocks of Motivation is Inspiration. The Latin root of inspiration —- INSPIRATUS —- means TO BREATHE INTO. Taking conscious breaths and following your breath means to notice how your body responds, how it feels, as your breath moves through it.

Combining breath with physical movement affects our body chemistry, raising our confidence and energy to higher levels.

Should you be sitting at your desk, don’t let that stop you from being in motion. Let’s try it now! First, roll your shoulders back in circles. Feel your shoulder blades move. Second, take a few conscious breaths. Let’s try another one. Now, squeeze your shoulders up to your ears while taking a conscious inhale, followed by an exhale as you relax your shoulders. Repeat both of these a few times.

Just a few quick minutes of these simple movements and conscious breaths will change your mood, rev up your drive and suddenly you’re off and running, motivated to DO more!

More Ways to Generate Motivation
  1. Set Clear and Attainable Goals: One effective way to kick start motivation is by setting clear, achievable goals. Break down tasks into smaller, manageable steps.  Make it possible.
  2. Revel in your achievements!  Make time to check tasks off your list as you’re done to allow for a sense of accomplishment with each completed step.
  3. Find Intrinsic Motivators: There are internal factors that undoubtedly drive you. Whether it’s a passion for the work you do or a desire to improve yourself, discover what is important to you.  Connecting with your personal values and passions can fuel sustained motivation.
  4. Activate More Dopamine:  Dopamine – the happy hormone – enables motivation. Enjoyable experiences like healthy food, positive self-talk, time with friends, a good night’s sleep, will generate more of this happy hormone, thereby more motivation. It’s a win/win!
Maintaining Motivation for Long-Term Stress Relief

Once your motivation is up, have a plan to maintain it going forward. Here are a few ways to keep yourself on the path:

  1. Celebrate Achievements: Acknowledge and celebrate your successes, no matter how small. Positive self-reinforcement strengthens the connection between action and reward. Keeps your motivation high. Hooray for you!
  2. Cultivate a Supportive Environment: We are by nature social beings, we need each other. Surround yourself with individuals who inspire and encourage you. The right supportive network unquestionably provides the motivation that is helpful during challenging times.
  3. Be your own bestie:  Sit with yourself in nature or eyes closed imagining a beautiful scene. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Gently take a few deep breaths. Give yourself a hug. All these raise oxytocin – your love hormone – which also increases motivation.

Motivation is a powerful ally in the quest for stress relief. Understand the link between motivation and stress, actively work to generate motivation, and implement strategies to maintain it, harness this force to create a more resilient and fulfilling life.

Unraveling Deeper Patterns:

Lack of motivation may go deeper and be rooted in unresolved childhood patterns or issues. Past experiences, negative self-perceptions, or unaddressed emotions can create blocks that hinder motivation and being able to tap into your full potential.

Do you find yourself wrestling with challenges in generating motivation and forward movement? Choose a complimentary 30 minute slot on my calendar at to discover that there is a path available to find your clear, confident and capable self.

Here is your invitation and opportunity to experience a supportive space for self-reflection and growth. I facilitate a transformative process to identify and dismantle blocks, empower you to break free from these old patterns and cultivate a mindset conducive to heightened motivation, resilience, and a more uplifted, inspiring life.  

Pia Darling

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  1. hi Pia, I love your article. It is thought provoking andfull of useful advice such as shifting from passive to active mode through motivation. I also like your quick fix breath technique.
    Thanks a ton!

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