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Hand Analysis

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY your life is the way it is?  Have you tried to do things differently, only to not  get the results you were expecting?  Did you ever wish upon a star for the way to a happier life?

WELL, LOOK NO FURTHER THAN YOUR HANDS!  I’m thrilled to reveal that your hands are your personalized owner’s manual and I’m here to translate for you.  The information in your hands provides a mapping, that when followed, opens you up to a pathway to deeper fulfillment in alignment with your SOUL.

LET’S AGREE ON HOW WE USE THE WORD SOUL.  You may understand the Soul in a religious way.  Or you may have a reaction to it for the same reason.  This is how I’m using SOUL – it is your truth, your essence, your core.

HAND ANALYSIS IS A MODERNIZED VERSION OF THE ANCIENT ART OF PALMISTRY, enhanced through extensive practical research by Richard Unger who, in 1985, founded the International Institute of Hand Analysis and is one of the foremost authorities in the world of Hand Analysis.  In a brilliant contribution to the world of Hand Analysis, which emerged from his in-depth research of 50+ years, Richard decoded fingerprints to reveal our personal mapping of Life Purpose and Life Lesson, a practical formula to live our most profound potential and experience our greatest fulfillment.

DID YOU KNOW YOUR HANDS HAVE AN ENORMOUS CONCENTRATION of neurotransmitters?  This means your hands are directly and physically connected to your brain.  Your palm’s design is an out picturing of how your mind ~ conscious, subconscious, unconscious ~ processes.  It maps out patterns of strengths/weakness that feed your belief systems and, in turn, create your life.  Reading this map unveils how you approach life.

DID YOU KNOW YOUR FINGERPRINTS WERE FORMED FIVE MONTHS BEFORE YOU WERE BORN? We arrived in this life with a plan in place.  Once you choose to dive in and have a Hand Analysis reading, you will understand the significance of your Life Purpose, the essential essence you came here to be and share, and your Life Lesson, what you chose to learn and master in this life.  Even for those who believe they know what their purpose and lesson from other modalities, your hands reveal the deep purpose of your existence.  There’s always a big AHA moment at this point in the reading.  And yet more AHA’s as you review your life through this new lens.

UNDERSTAND HOW YOUR LIFE LESSONS ARE A VERY JUICY PART of who you are.  Learn how to play along with them, rather than resist, ignore or suffer them.  This very simple and powerful shift in approach to life’s challenges can transform the experience of your life, quickly and dramatically, in a positive way.  They will give you a ‘hand’ up, guaranteed!

DISCOVER THE SECRET PATHWAY YOUR HANDS REVEAL  about how to approach and engage with the challenges you are facing. There is a specific and unique design about you. Your challenges, when understood in the context of your design, are the key to unleashing your next level of skill, power, wholeness and engagement in your life ~ relationships, career, spirituality.

EXPERIENCE GREAT RELIEF through the understandings that are revealed during a hand analysis session.  Your life will begin to make sense in a whole new way.  The unequaled validation of being seen and accepted can shift us into a more peaceful, relaxed place.

TAKE AWAY A SIMPLE PLAN TO EASE-FULLY FEEL  more satisfaction in your life.  A couple of well chosen to-do’s will bridge internal gaps that can help you align with your wholeness.  When this alignment occurs, it’s like a magic key that opens you to your deep realms, bringing you closer to HOME.

WARNING!  If you are looking for a divination session, fortune telling or future reading, this is not it!  Hand Analysis is based on extensive practical research and pattern recognition, coupled with a deep understanding of the emotional realm.  I will guide you to align your present, your here and now, with your soul.  This alignment opens the portal to a profound experience of YOU.

LET’S WORK TOGETHER  towards your greater good.  Discovering your reason for being and growing your expression of it is the single most important thing you can do in life.  I am genuinely honored and happy to support you in being your best self.

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