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Uncover the hidden pathway that your hands unveil. Hand Analysis guides you to navigate and embrace the challenges you’re encountering. Within your individual design lies a distinct blueprint. Understanding your challenges in alignment with this blueprint holds the key to unlocking your next level of ease, skill, power, wholeness, and engagement across every facet of your life – whether it’s relationships, career, or spirituality.

Through Hand Analysis, we dive deep into the aspects shaping the foundation of HOW you’ve been anchored. By analyzing your challenges, Soul purpose, gifts and other compelling information, we piece together your Personal Fulfillment Formula. Discover the keys to unlock your innate strengths and brilliance.

Step beyond merely getting unstuck and delve into experiencing your utmost JOY and FLOW. With Core Awakening Journey Mentoring sessions, embark on a unique pathway towards integration and healing. Resolve old traumas, patterns, and mindsets that perpetuate those uncomfortable circumstances. Emerge realigned with a renewed outlook. Embrace life as your liberated and empowered self.

Not sure if this approach can help you get to where you want to be? Wondering which session or package to get? Let’s meet on Zoom and figure out what is best for you. Click here to choose a time on my calendar for a free 20-minute chat. Can’t find a convenient time? Message me with some options that work for you.

Rewiring Relationship
Intro Experience

Imagine yourself walking into a client meeting relaxed and eager to connect – stress free, no anxiety. Or, see yourself as you drive up to a family gathering, calm and confident, without anger towards the impending judgement or criticism you expect. Now, imagine that person you were expecting to come through-doesn’t, and unlike in the past you don’t take it personally nor do you lash out. You probably have other scenarios you’d like to add to this list. 
So, imagine … how much better could life be.

Sometimes, before we even get a chance to decide, those knee-jerk reactions pop up out of nowhere. They’re like old habits, wired into us from way back when. These reactions might look a bit different now or hide behind other behaviors.

No matter how they show up, these reactions are relics from a time when it was the only way we had to protection ourselves. Over time, these reactions have most likely become outdated. And as time continues to move forward, our old patterns that are no longer needed or appropriate can wreak havoc in our present day life. Even if we recognize these patterns, we’re still crosswired! What to do??

Have you been asking yourself how to BE different, but haven’t had success in changing those reactions? I can help. Here’s your opportunity to benefit from how I guide my clients to rewire their nervous system and neural connections to their authentic way of being. With my specialized modalities, you will a deep and lasting shift. Be assured that doing this deep work brings an experience of inner freedom that is absolutely ecstatic.

If you’ve read this far, this freedom I speak of is calling to you from inside YOU. It’s time. Take the leap and free yourself. Register for a session with me. If you have any questions, either message me or schedule a free Zoom chatNOW. Remember, it’s time for you.


Special Offer

(A limited-time offer, valued at $690)

  • Special Offer available once per person
  • Includes 3 sessions as described
  • May be purchased as gifts
  • Sessions can be on Zoom or in person Sausalito, CA
  • Select your Hand Analysis session day/time
  • Don’t find a time that fits? Message me with your availability. We’ll find time!
  • Scheduling and purchase implies agreement of T&C’s, see below
  • We’ll schedule Journey sessions when we meet
  • Map out your strengths and challenges
  • Identify the archetypes in your hands
  • Decode your Soul Purpose and Soul Lessons
  • Discuss current relationship issues
  • Action Plan to deepen realizations
  • Schedule Journey session
  • 60 minutes
  • Review current relationship issues
  • Guided journey to explore root cause
  • Action Plan to deepen realizations
  • 30 minutes
  • Scheduled for 4-7 days after Session #2
  • Update on current experience
  • Assess week’s responses and reactions
  • Review of your mapping
  • Evaluate next steps
  • 30 minutes


RESCHEDULE SESSION with 48 business hours advance notice to avoid forfeiting session. Check your confirmation email for instructions on rescheduling. Sessions may be rescheduled a max of 3 times and expire 6 months from date of purchase.  Cancellations, missed appointments, and schedule changes within 48 hours of appointment time forfeit the session fee and time. Purchases are non-refundable.

The session begins promptly at the scheduled start time and will end 30 or 60 minutes thereafter. Give yourself enough time to arrive and park, or get connected on Zoom.

For those registering that did not receive a Print Kit at a special event, a Print Kit will be mailed via USPS to your US shipping address. Allow at least 7 days for delivery. It is your responsibility to ensure SCANNED prints are emailed at least 3 days before your scheduled session. Questions? Click to Contact Me.

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