Praise for Pia

From the bottom of my heart, my deepest gratitude to all my amazing clients who have trusted and grown with me.
Your kindness and courageousness fill my soul with joy.
Thank you for being the beautiful souls you are and for blessing my journey with your presence.

~ Pia ~

I feel very blessed to have found Pia Darling. She is warm, grounded and has a wonderful heart. I feel fully received and very comfortable in our sessions. She has an uncanny instinct for knowing exactly where to go in each session, no matter what I throw at her. By the end of the session, all the threads have joined one another giving me everything I need to live that part of my life more freely. I feel a new, lighter and fuller me emerging as we work together. I trust her implicitly and highly recommend her services.

Nicola Walker,

Pia…helped me answer questions that I didn’t know how to ask.  I now know more about myself and my emotions.  I left with clarity and confidence!

Maria, San Francisco

I found having my palms read by Pia, an unexpectedly powerful experience.  Pia’s explanation of what she saw was like a mirror being held up in front of me, a mirror held with love and compassion.  I can’t recommend Pia or her palm reading enough.

Lia, Sausalito, CA

I worked with Pia using the modality of hypnosis.  Her manner is professional yet empathetic and her voice is so relaxing.  She really made me feel totally heard and totally supported.  She gently guided me to places I wasn’t expecting and I loved it!  Thanks Pia! 

Wilma, San Francisco

Pia’s care for her clients shines through in every aspect of her work.  From the moment you walk in the door, you can feel she is there for you.  Her hand readings are amazing and give beautiful insight into the great potential your life holds. 
Thank you Pia!

Liza, Sausalito, CA

Pia is a wonderful, talented and a wise healer—it was pure pleasure to witness her in her light as she weaved her expert magic of hand analysis.  Her readings are the perfect complement to one’s awakening or spiritual path, or for anyone who is in need of some great tools and insight for their life! 

I shared her Hand Analysis Therapy with my adult daughters and we each walked away with some wonderful nuggets of wisdom to help us live more fully in alignment with our Soul!  Pia is also beautiful – inside and out!

Connie, SF Bay Area, CA

Pia radiates warmth, joy and beauty.  Just being in her presence is a heart-opening, uplifting experience.  She holds such a beautiful, feminine space for us to get into our bodies and heart. 

Cordelia, Berkeley, CA

Great!!  Loved it!  Pia was very comfortable, informative and relaxing.  She was right on and made me feel at ease, even talking through some of my challenges.

Megan, SF Bay Area, CA

Simple, intentional, just lovely… Pia as a presenter – calm, grounding and clear spoken.

Berkeley, CA

Pia has a gentle inviting, comforting acknowledging tone of voice and sense of ease and warmth that builds delight and more trust. I enjoy her relaxed embodied presenter’s style. As she generated flow, it made it easier for us all to feel that with her.

Ishtar-Lhotus, Alameda, CA

Enjoyed PIa’s lovely energy and insight.

Jill Lublin, Marin County, CA

Pia’s presence and ability to dive deep with individual women while holding group space was beautiful. She showed me I have the ability to nurture and cherish what I want for others within myself.

Heather Sontag, Castro Valley, CA

Her message is simple and transformative.

Susan Kirby, Santa Rosa, CA

I now have a better understanding of my relationship needs.

Dru Cowan, San Francisco, CA

I can’t believe what you just told me! I’ve been contemplating a new business venture that you just solidified was a natural movement for my life.

Chrissy, Sausalito, CA

I’ve seen LOTS of talks and really enjoyed Pia’s mix, pace and engaging trustworthy way. Pia is very warm and inviting, she takes her time and isn’t rushed.

Rainbow Chen, Piedmont, CA

I enjoyed Pia’s wisdom and radiance and mysticism.

Shelby Cohen, Oakland, CA

Very true reading, very accurate!

Valerie Marsh, Sausalito, CA

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